A First International Win

A First International Win

After the disappointment of not making it into Badminton CCI5* and then a fall at Bramham U25 Championship, Harry Mutch bounced back in style with his first international win at Alnwick CCI3*S this month.

“After our fall at Bramham a couple of weeks ago, I decided to re-route HD Bronze to Alnwick Ford to give him a nice run around the CCI3*-S.

I was second to go in the dressage which suited him quite well with it being nice and quiet first thing in the morning. He warmed up really well and I was just trying to repeat what Pippa and I had done at Bramham and it worked! He went in and did another personal best at the level, scoring 28.7, which put us in 2nd place at the end of dressage! I really can’t believe the difference in him in his last two tests and it’s nice to see the scores are starting to show it with all the work that has been put into his dressage recently. Fingers crossed it keeps going in that direction!! 

He jumped a great showjumping round, really made it feel easy and after spending the first half of the season jumping nice rounds and always having a silly 4 faults we finally had a clear round.

For the cross-country my main aim was to give him a good confident ride after Bramham. He came out and if anything he felt more careful but in a good way! I actually felt like I was going too slow for the time and got to the second last fence and looked at my watch to see I was well inside the time so it just shows he was giving me a super ride not wasting time anywhere.

As I finished I was told the leader had a fence down so I had won the 3*!! It was a bit of a surprise really when I didn’t really come to the show thinking I want to win this, my main priority was just to see how he felt and make sure the confidence was there. It’s a nice feeling when every phase goes to plan and you end up with a win, especially with it being my first international win and on HD Bronze. We’ve gone up the levels together so was nice to get it on him.”

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