An Eventful Life – 2021 rider’s goals

An Eventful Life – 2021 rider’s goals

Constance Copestake – UK based rider competing for France.

My main goal for 2021 is to go back to the U25 championships, as it’s my last year as an under-25 and that has been a big aim for my top horse. Then alongside that I’ve got a few really lovely young horses who are going to start their eventing career and hopefully progress up the levels.

Burghley has always been a dream.  I’m a local girl and was a member of the Burghley Pony Club so I’ve grown up in the park.  That has always been my ultimate aim to go and ride around the Burghley 5*.  Hopefully one day that will happen and then go there and be competitive.


Alicia Hawker

My 2021 competition goal is Burghley with Charles RR.  We competed there for the first time in 2019 and finished in the 16th, so we’d like to try and improve on that – maybe a top 10.

I’ve got a team of 15 horses at the moment as we’ve had some owners come on board.  There are some lovely young horses coming through behind Charles, with some at 3* level and a lot of horses stepping up to Intermediate level this year.  So, we’ve got a really exciting string with strength and depth coming through this year.


Will Furlong – Young Rider European Double Gold Medallist & 5* rider

2021 has been a little bit complex so far with the loss of Badminton this Spring, that was my initial goal.  So, at the moment we’re very much in a Plan B, C and D stage and we’re still a little unsure as to what is able to take place this Spring.  But I’m very much looking forward to hopefully being back at Burghley this Autumn.  That would be my main goal for 2021.

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