An unfortunate end of the season for Will

An unfortunate end of the season for Will

Our 2020 season ended in true 2020 style – an abandonment! Unfortunately the Monday at Little Downham was a wash out after persistent rainfall. Such a shame for all involved but at least the horses had good runs at South of England where the ground was spot on. Patito was great round her first novice to finish nicely inside the top 10. IE Mr McGregor has been on top form comfortably winning his section at Munstead and top 5 finish a week later at South of England. Whilst our other homebred IE Bumble Bee went out to his first dressage show + picked up his first ribbon.

It’s been a weird season to say the least but at least we have managed to finish the season with some sense of normality. The younger horses have all come on significantly more than if it was a more ‘normal’ year. We are grateful to everyone that has worked so incredibly hard to get Eventing back on in a way that is safe for everyone to enjoy.
Because the horses had quieter times at the beginning on lockdown they won’t have a proper holiday so to speak but equally it’s vitally important that they have some down time to recover, both physically and mentally.


Now it’s time to crack on with the DIY + get everything ready for Winter!


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