It’s nearly time for Will and his team!

It’s nearly time for Will and his team!

It’s been another month of preparation of Part II for the team as we eagerly await our first outing out Eventing. Although we haven’t been out ‘properly’ competing it’s been nice to spend some quality time with the horses, getting stuck in to the more finer details of their way of going. Next Tuesday we will be back out at West Wilts, followed by one of our more local events Borde Hill at the weekend. It’s then pretty much non-stop right to the end of the season!  The hotter weather recently has certainly been a challenge for us all. Only about 10 miles away they lost all supply of running water due to the increased demand – so although it was hot we could count ourselves lucky that things remained relatively(!) normal. The heat wave seems to have passed now and hopefully now we can have some much needed rain after such a dry period. Trips to the beach have been almost a daily occurrence. We are so lucky to be so close. Being so hot we have had to share the beach with lots of others….kite surfers, fisherman, families etc – with the horses becoming good at dodging sand castles!

Next time I hope to share my experiences of The New Eventing….

A lovely photo of our eldest homebred – IE Mr McGregor (AKA Monty) at his first ever hunter trial. Sporting our Windrush colours and some gear from our very generous sponsors.


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