Max Warburton Joins Team Spillers

Max Warburton Joins Team Spillers

12th January 2021, Oxfordshire – Windrush Equestrian Foundation are pleased to announce a new sponsorship agreement between Max Warburton and Spillers.

Oxfordshire based Max Warburton has completed a sponsorship agreement with, Mars owned, Spillers horse feeds, with the support of the Windrush Equestrian Foundation.  Not only does the partnership see the Warburton string fed on the Spillers range but they will also benefit from the expert nutritional support from their highly regarded sport horse nutritionists.

Windrush Equestrian Foundation CEO, Maria Chiara Apruzzese said:

“The Windrush Equestrian Foundation is extremely privileged to have such valuable brands supporting our riders throughout the programme. The riders have not only benefitted from high quality products and resources but will also have learnt how to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our sponsors.”

India Thomson, Competition Nutritionist for Mars Horsecare commented:

“We are delighted to be working with Max, and the Windrush Equestrian Foundation, to help keep his team of horses in optimum condition throughout the year and wish him all the very best for the 2021 season and beyond!”

Like many equestrian athletes, Max had plenty of curve balls to negotiate in 2020 but produced a successful half season with a growing string of horses.  The shortened season still afforded them to compete at a more targeted group of events and gain all-important qualifications for the 2021 season.  Max continues to aim for an Equestrian Team GBR selection, initially for the CCI3* European Cup, with future aims for Senior Team selection.

Max Warburton added:

“I’m delighted to become part of the Spillers horse feeds team. The feed is of such great quality and India Thomson has been so helpful in organising feed plans, virtually, for our wide range of horses. I’d like to extend a huge amount of thanks to the Windrush Equestrian Foundation for putting us in contact and helping set this all up.”

Warbuton joined the Windrush Equestrian Foundation in the 2019/2020 intake of riders and continues to receive their support throughout the 2021 season.



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