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A Young Riders Academy

The collaboration with the Young Riders Academy gives the Foundation riders the fantastic opportunity to attend the hugely prestigious Geneva International Horse Show, enjoying an access all areas look at the show itself as well as taking part in a number of joint lectures and seminars. The young eventers also join the successful show jumpers’ education programme at Franklin University in Switzerland, attending in-depth seminars held by leading industry experts.

Toggi & Champion

British company, Finest Brand International, home of Champion and Toggi have supported The Wesko Equestrian Foundation from the very start. They pride themselves on producing high quality top performance clothing and safety wear for eventers and equestrians of all disciplines. Champion is protecting the team with their ever-popular Ti22 Body Protector, as well as their new helmet range featuring MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection system). Not only is Toggi supplying the team with a concise team kit, but they are also working with the riders on the performance aspect of the clothing. Gaining wearer trial feedback will help to ensure that the Toggi range is always built with the demands of the sport considered.


High performance equestrian company Microperformance+ supplies the Foundation’s riders with branded saddle pads and technical riding gloves. With a combined focus on seeking out expertise from leading authorities in Equestrianism, the Wesko Equestrian Foundation and Microperformance+ share the strong belief that going the extra mile will always help performance. “We at Microperfrmance feel privileged to be The Wesko Equestrian Foundation’s chosen brand. In the same way that we aim to be ground-breaking in our products, the Foundation is one of the first of its kind in nurturing eventing talent. Just like the best riders, we are a brand focused on attention to detail and marginal gains to optimise performance” Ellie Kelly and Arash Motesharei of MicroPerformance+.


Equine America UK

Equine America UK is an award-winning equine supplement brand which is used and loved by thousands worldwide! Supplying a wide range of high-quality equine feed supplements, the company was founded in 1997 and enjoys the experience and knowledge of world-leading equine nutritionist Deborah Lucas MSc.Eq.S.,CBiol., R.Nutr. in the formulation and development of all of their products. Equine America UK are supplying the Wesko Equestrian Foundation Riders with equestrian supplements that will meet both the everyday needs of their horses and will support them to remain at their best throughout their eventing careers. “With the horses’ well-being at the forefront of our training, we feel privileged to have Equine America UK support our riders with such highly effective supplements”, Mariachiara Apruzzese, CEO of the Foundation.

Treehouse Sporting Colours

Established in 1998, Treehouse Sporting Colours has grown in to one of the leading equestrian safety wear specialists in the world, providing the complete safety-wear package including helmets, body protectors, stirrups and air jackets. Priding themselves on sourcing innovative products, Treehouse has stayed true to its roots by providing a bespoke service for cross-country and racing. In collaboration with equestrian safety apparel manufacturers, Racesafe, Treehouse Sporting Colours have provided each of the Foundation riders & their mentor, Pippa Funnell, with hat silks and cross-country shirts in the Wesko Equestrian Team colours of Navy and White. “We are thrilled that Treehouse Sporting Colours have come on board as Foundation supporters. The riders all look incredibly smart in their bespoke Navy and White Wesko EQ branded cross country colours and striped hat silks. We can’t wait to see them flying around some of the top events in the world this year.” Mariachiara Apruzzese, CEO of The Wesko Equestrian Foundation. 

An Eventful Life

The partnership with An Eventful Life will see all Foundation riders benefit from a library of cross-country videos from a range of events  across the UK. The videos will provide an additional training tool to review performances and analyse what went right and where improvements can be made.

“We’re very grateful to An Eventful Life’s team for their support of the programme. Not only will the provision of cross-country videos offer the riders a positive marketing tool and an additional communication opportunity with owners, but most importantly it provides an incredibly useful training resource for riders to be able to review their rounds, and to learn and grow from the reflection upon previous rides” says Wesko Equestrian Foundation CEO, Mariachiara Apruzzese.


The Functional Nutrition Clinic

The Functional Nutrition Clinic’s purpose is to help the young riders feel their best, in order that they can function at their very best.

We educate the riders on what’s going on in their bodies and show them how they can make uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications to help them meet their goals. We work on bio-individuality, the knowledge that each person’s biology is as unique as their fingerprint.  There is no one diet fits all.  We work with the riders’ individual needs building their strength, energy, stamina, and focus. The Functional Nutrition Clinic champions the notion that all things matter – your daily habits, what you eat and drink, your environment, exercise, sleep, stress, and relaxation.  We support and motivate the riders to achieve optimum performance.

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