The applications are in, the Selection Panel have had their say & all that’s left to do is announce the candidates for the final 2019 Windrush Rider Selection Day!

Before we do that though, we wanted to explain a little about how our selection process works…

Firstly we ask any prospective applicants to evaluate themselves against our criteria:

They must:

  • Be between the ages of 21-25.
  • Be British or International riders, but UK based.
  • Have had a horse successfully competing at 3* level or above.
  • Be highly motivated and have solid communication skills.
  • Be willing to discuss personal and family background, education, interests and ambitions.

We then ask them to consider whether they could fulfil our expectations (we don’t have many):

  • Can you show a high level of commitment, drive and willingness to learn and attend all sessions organised by us?
  • Will you be happy to represent the Foundation at all times?
  • Would you be available for any media or publicity commitments relating to the Foundation as and when required.
  • Could you use the Foundation’s logo & any kit provided when out competing?
  • Would you be happy to wear the Foundation’s uniform at all educational and training sessions?
  • Can you promote the Foundation through use of hashtags and mentions on your social media channels?

If the applicants can answer yes to all of the above, the next step is for them to fill in a very simple application form which can be found on our website (but remember 2019 applications are now closed).

We then ask our selection panel to go through the forms and short-list their top 12. This year our experts include Rolex Grand Slam winner, Olympian and former World Number 1, Pippa Funnell and Alice Fox Pitt – Journalist, Media professional and wife to Olympic Medal winning event rider William. They are joined by a Team GB eventing selector, a member of the Young Riders Academy board and a Windrush board member.

Each of our selectors focus on a different aspect of the applications based on our criteria and once they have picked their top 12 we look for any overlaps which is where we get our final selection day riders from.

We are very much looking forward to the 16th August when we will be announcing the riders we will be inviting forward to our final 2019 Selection day on 9th September. Watch this space!

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